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How to get amino acids from nutrition



It is important for every person to receive amino acids, both essential and nonessential, when feeding, because their deficiency can cause serious health complications. After eating, chewing and affecting of digestive enzymes on food in the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal absorption of simple substances – amino acids, monosaccharides, monoglycerides and fatty acids – takes place, after which they enter the blood and are delivered to the liver, where they undergo transformations.

There they are spent on:

  • plastic processes, the purpose of which is the formation of new tissues;
  • formation of reserve substances (glycogen, fats);
  • burning of glucose obtained after digestion (after delivery to tissues with blood) to obtain energy.

Depending on the amino acids contained in food, proteins are divided into:

  • native –they are considered full-fledged, because they contain a complete set of twenty amino acids. Foods containing these proteins include meat, fish, seafood, poultry, eggs and cheese;
  • not native –they are not full-fledged, because they do not have all 20 amino acids necessary for a full-fledged human life. These compounds predominate in such products: soy, beans, nuts, a number of cereals and vegetables.

Beans, lentils, peas and products containing soy (meat substitutes), which are close in composition to animal proteins, deserve special attention, since they include practically all the necessary substances, especially amino acids. Most legumes and soy products lack a number of amino acids (most often methionine and cysteine), so you need to consider this fact and refrain from prolonged monotonous nutrition.

All living beings are in need of essential amino acids, the fullest number of which is observed in native proteins. A healthy adult needs the use of all essential amino acids, the amount of which in the consumed food should be about 20% (which is more than 20 grams, if the daily protein norm is 95-110 grams). In children, due to increased requirements for native protein, its share in the diet should increase.

A significant impact on the intake of protein in the body, obtained with food, has a frequent visit to fast food restaurants. Typically, products used in such institutions are characterized by a large number of easily digestible carbohydrates and fats with a low proportion of proteins.

With prolonged malnutrition, people complain about:

  • deterioration of appetite;
  • delay in development;
  • pain in the right side of the body, associated with a violation of liver function;
  • deterioration of skin and hair condition;
  • brittle nails;
  • weakness in the muscles.

Vegetarians are at risk of protein deficiency, so they are recommended to eat such foods:

  • beans, peas and other representatives of the legume family;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • foods high in vegetable protein;
  • dairy products and eggs.
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