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Scared Of Being Bankrupted? Here’re Some Tips To Handle Medical Debt!



Medical debts are some of the main reasons behind most bankruptcies. Even though people have medical insurance, they end up with huge medical debts. Medical bills can be very serious and destroy the financial planning or budget of any home, so it is very important to properly plan so that there is not a huge pile of debt at the end. Below are some tips to

Bills Should Not Be Ignored

Not paying medical debts at proper times can also affect the person in the future. If there is a huge debt, then it can affect the credit score of the person and the person may not be able to borrow any money like for a car or house or any other big investment. The person can also get legal actions by the lenders. This can lead to judgment, wage garnishment or bank levy.

Proper Billing

Medical billing can be a little complicated for some people. One of the important things is to ensure the bill by the doctor or by the medical should be billed to the insurance company for the proper items and services. The person should also contact the insurance company to ask why the bill is not paid. It is better to be proactive as it can sometimes help to reduce the medical debt.

Bill Is A Must

The person must always read the mail to verify if he has a balance due or not. Sometimes, the insurance companies send mails explaining about the benefits of their payments on the person’s behalf. The person should check the EOB. If it shows that the insurance company only paid a part of the bill, then it is better to expect another bill soon.


Many people don’t know this, but medical service providers have varying price structures. They appear just random. If a person thinks that he is being overcharged for something, then it is wise to argue about the pricing. If the insurance company is denying to pay for something, then the person should call them and tell them to cooperate otherwise there will be no payment. The person doesn’t need to argue with the doctor about it but rather with the billing staff. If a person can’t or doesn’t want to do the negotiating, then there are companies that can be found online who can do the negotiating part on behalf of the customer.

Paying It Off

The person can pay small medical bills in a lump if it is available in an emergency fund or savings account. The person can simply write a check and mail or post it to the address of billing. The person can also make payment arrangements with the doctor if he can’t pay in full.

Child’s Bill

It should include one of the major priorities for parents which is to pay child’s bills that include doctor visits. If there any bills that are not covered by insurance then the person should pay it otherwise it can also affect the credit score.

These are the most important tips and factors to consider to reduce the medical debt. Following these can be hugely beneficial

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Scared Of Being Bankrupted? Here’re Some Tips To Handle Medical Debt!

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