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Brand-Name Medications vs. Generics



We often use different medications to manage various health problems, but today we have more options to consider if compared to what we had several decades ago. There is a wide selection of different drugs, including brand-name medications and their generic versions. While you may be prescribed a certain drug by a healthcare provider, there may still be things that you need to think about in order to ensure that the treatment will be successful and it will not leave a hole in your pocket.
What Are Brand-Name Medicines?
A brand-name drug is a medication originally discovered and developed by a manufacturer. The company gives it a name and then undergoes a range of procedures in order to prove that the medicine is effective and safe for treating a certain health condition. Drugs that are about to be sold across the USA must obtain the FDA’s approval. Then the company-developer has to spend plenty of money on advertising and marketing campaigns. Generally, it takes a pretty long time, as well as lots of efforts and money to develop, check, and distribute a new medication, but since it will be protected by a patent for several years, the manufacturer will be able to get steady income the product without facing tough competition.
What Are Generics?
Once a patent on a certain brand-name med expires, its generic versions can be developed and sold. This is an opportunity for other manufacturers to start developing and selling medications that have become popular on the market. They have to use the same active component, which has to ensure the same therapeutic effects as the original medication; however, there may be a range of differences between the two versions, which allows distinguishing one drug from another. On different websites, such as this one, you will find a large choice of both brand-name drugs and their generic alternatives, and it is up to you what you wish to choose.
More information about differences and similarities between brand-name medicines and their generic versions you will find below.
Differences and Similarities
The main similarity between brand-name meds and generics is an active ingredient, while additional components may be different. Also, the drugs may be sold in different packages, shapes, formulations, colors, etc. Basically, regardless of the differences that you may find between original and generic medications, they still provide the same effects and safety. However, there is one significant difference that you want to pay your attention to — the price, which is much lower for generics than for brand-name medications. It is so because the manufacturers of generic versions do not have to cover all these expenses that the manufacturer of the original drugs has to pay, and that is why they can make the price much more attractive.

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