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What Shouold You Know About Various Heart Problems?



The heart is considered as a muscle of the human body. It needs a sufficient amount of blood supply in order to provide oxygen so that the other muscle gets contracted and pump all the blood in different parts of the body. However, the work of the human heart is not only to pump blood in different parts of the body, it also pumps blood to itself with the help of the coronary arteries. The arteries come out from the aorta which is the major blood vessel that helps in carrying out blood from the heart.

Cause Of Heart Attack

When the coronary arteries get narrower then it becomes quite difficult for the blood to reach the heart which happens especially during working out. This causes pain in the heart muscle like any other muscles in the body. If the arteries continue to get narrower it takes very less time and activity to provoke the symptoms and make the heart stressful. The symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breathing. If the arteries get blocked due to the clotting of the blood then the supply of the blood to the heart will be lost and this causes a part of the heart muscle to die. This is called a heart attack.

Risk Of Heart Diseases

There are many risk factors that increase the potential for a heart attack. Some of the factors are smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Sometimes if the person has a family history of heart problems then there are chances that they might also have strokes and heart attack in future.

Peripheral artery disease, cardiovascular disease and strokes have the same amount of risk factors. So, if the patient is diagnosed with any one of these three, they will increase the risk of having other symptoms too. A person suffering from heart diseases can opt for best results.

Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Diseases

Here are a few symptoms that are seen if a patient is suffering from heart disease

  • The pain in the heart or the symptoms of angina is a feeling of heaviness in the centre of the chest and the radiation of the pain to the jaw or arm. Sometimes the patient may also feel a crushing pain in the chest
  • The symptoms are brought by an activity of the patient and gets better if the person rests for a while
  • Some people might suffer from indigestion and nausea. Shoulder pain, upper abdominal or back pain can also be the symptom

However, one should keep that it is not necessary that all the pain from the heart will have the same type of symptoms and signs. The symptoms are relatively different for the different group of people. Quite often the symptoms of the cardiovascular diseases get worse over the time as the artery keeps on narrowing and the blood flow to the heart decreases. The first symptoms of the heart disease can be a heart attack. This leads to the shortness in breathing, crushing chest pressure and sudden cardiac death. If a person has any of those symptoms then it will be best do cardiac screening Singapore to be sure if the person actually has a cardiac problem.

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